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New Flood Alerts, Advice and Contacts

Today we face an increase in flood alerts and warnings, following another 24 hours of heavy rain.  But only light rain is expected today.

The existing Amber alerts to be prepared in case of flooding were for the entire Lower Derwent, and specifically for Bottle Brook at Denby .  They still stand, despite other incorrect reporting that the Bottle Brook alert has ended.  Bottle Brook can flood at 0.47m, and is currently at 1.25m and falling.  Flooding has already been reported by readers travelling through Denby.   It may still occur on low lying land. This measurement was taken at Smithy Houses.

All areas which flooded last Friday are warned to be prepared. Low lying agricultural land is most at risk.

A new Amber Flood Alert has been issued for  the River Ecclesbourne at Duffield.  The Ecclesbourne can flood at 0.9m, and the current measurement is 1.2m.

An Amber Flood Alert was issued for the River Amber at Ambergate.  This has since been upgraded to a full Red Flood Warning. The area of expected flooding is not Ambergate, but Bullbridge.  Authorities state that incident response staff are patrolling watercourses in the area and liaising with emergency services.   The river level at this area is measured at 2.5m, 2.0m can result in minor flooding.  The measurement was taken at Wingfield Park, further up the Amber, which may also flood.

In Belper, runoff rainwater has caused problems in more locations, but the river is not flooding at the time of writing.  Drains around Bridge Street were overflowing on Thursday night and the hills had runoffs the size of small streams.

There was flooding in Lower Kilburn yesterday.  Residents blocked the roads themselves and volunteers from Belper and surrounding areas leapt to action to help those being flooded.

There are no official roads closures or flooded roads in Amber Valley, but these reports are not always up to date.  Reader reported problem areas include Denby, the edge of Kilburn, flooding at the bottom of Kilburn Road and Killis Lane.  Please continue to report the blocked and passable to us.

Trains to Derby and Nottingham are cancelled.

Advice and Contacts:

If you anticipate being flooded, you are advised to move possessions and valuables off the floor or upstairs.  You are advised to turn off your gas, electricity and water, for your own safety.  You can get sandbags from one of the sources below.  You can seek help from The Hub aka Belper and Surrounds Flooding Help, this is a collection of local volunteers working very hard to help their neighbours in any way that is needed.

Derbyshire County Council advises, “Make a flood kit to include a torch, battery or wind up radio, regular medicine, rubber gloves and your insurance documents.”


Amber Valley Borough Council contacts:

Out of Hours Emergency – 01773 841414 (sandbags – ext. 7)

Helen Bennett – Supporting Businesses – 01773 841426

Dave Shaw – Supporting Homes – 01773 570222 ext 2309

Collection of Large Furniture – 01773 570222

AVBC have suspended council tax entirely for those with flooded homes which are uninhabitable.  Those who need to claim the council tax suspension should call 01773 841440 and provide the location they have moved to.

AVBC have also issued the following information for getting assistance:

Business support & Derbyshire Floods Business Hardship Fund
Derbyshire local authorities have launched a £100,000 fund available to help residents and businesses directly affected by recent flooding. The fund is available to businesses with up to 50 employees and is designed to support businesses with any immediate or short-term loss of income or cash-flow impacts, to aid recovery while appropriate insurance claims are completed. Emergency payments of up to £300 are available following assessment of need, and all applications will be considered on a case by case basis. An application form can be found at

D2N2 Growth Hub
In addition to emergency funding support, help and advice can be sought from D2N2 Growth Hub at with business advisers available to provide further support needed to aid recovery.

Food safety and clean up
Food businesses that have been flooded, should refer to the food safety advice prior to re-opening. It is essential that a full clean-up has been carried out prior to re-opening and contaminated food destroyed. Further advice and information is available on 01773 841335 or

Business rates
For commercial businesses that have had to close because of damage suffered by flooding the council will grant an exemption of up to 3 months (6 months for industrial premises). If the damage caused means the premises cannot be re-opened in these time scales then the ratepayer needs to contact the business rates team on 01773 841444 to discuss other options.

The council will continue to respond to the situation and are able to distribute sandbags to homes and small businesses in imminent risk of flooding, contact 01773 570222. Derbyshire County Council offer self-fill sandbags, which can be ordered on 01629 533190.

Community support
Foundation Derbyshire has launched a Derbyshire Flood Relief Appeal in response to the recent floods. Donations will be helping individuals, families and communities that have been affected by flood waters. Please visit

In addition, there are several offers from community groups who are on hand to help, including the Belper & Surrounds Flood Support Group launched to facilitate community support and offer direct assistance. They can be contacted on 07908 214188 or email

The Love Belper and Accessible Belper groups are also offering support. These community groups are operated by willing volunteers, so please be aware that individuals are not council approved or vetted.

Need further help or information?
Contact the team directly on 01773 570222 or email



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