Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Nailed Comments Policy

We ask that our readers consider whether others might be offended or feel threatened by comments made in response to our articles before posting them.

While Nailed welcomes and encourages genuine debate, we won’t tolerate trolling, abuse or any assaults on our contributors or other readers. We also welcome any reasonable criticism of our site and its contents, but won’t permit any misrepresentation of any material we publish or of the contributors that create that material.

Nailed won’t accept hate speech, whether towards individuals or groups based on any protected characteristic: race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Nailed can discern the difference between true hate speech and fair and rational criticism, whether this is directed at individuals, groups, communities, organisations or belief systems. In addition, citing another’s hate speech for critique or analysis is not the same as direct hate speech and Nailed will judge comments on this basis.

Nailed reserves the right to remove content that could be considered defamatory or libellous, or breaches copyright law. We will also remove content considered as spam or advertising or any activity that appears to be originating from a disguised commercial concern.

To keep Nailed a free, fair and respectful environment for users, we ask participants to report any issues immediately to: editor@nailed.community.