Sunday, September 24, 2023

GDPR, Your Data and Us

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation means that we need to tell you what data we collect from you, how advertisers and partners use any data we collect and what cookies we place on your computer and why. We also need to allow you to opt in or out of anything we do with your data.

As our users are the general public and not tech experts, this statement is in plain English.

What cookies do we use?

We don’t use any.  You can come to our site and we don’t track anything you do and we don’t pass on any data about you to anyone.  The few advertisers that we have are just normal adverts; there’s nothing else.  We don’t use pay per click.  We record the number of individual visitors to the site so that we can set advertising prices appropriately but we only collect numbers and do not collect who you are, where you are, or any demographic information about you for those advertisers.  None.

What data do we collect?

Only the bare minumum required for you to post a comment – your name and your email address.  However these are not used for any other purposes.  We ask for your name to facillitate conversation and we ask for your email address in case your comment requires us to contact you (hasn’t happened yet).

GDPR requires an affirmative action on your part for us to process your data.  Filling in your name and your email address hereby constitutes that affirmative action.  You are also able to use a disposable email address and a fake name.

How do we use your data?

We don’t.  It’s that simple.  We only record your names and email addresses (the latter of which are not displayed) on your actual comments.  We don’t use them.  That’s all there is.  No advertising cookies, no tracking, no targeted advertising, no partners.  We do, however, use Askimet to remove spam comments and we have linked their GDPR declaration under the comment box.

The right to be forgotten:

If, for any reason, you want your comments to be deleted then you can contact us on any of the listed email addresses, or the main email    with a polite request to remove your comments and we will do so.  We do not currently have the software to allow you to delete your own comments but won’t deny you your right to be forgotten.  Please do not abuse this option by using it regularly.  Instead, make sure you do want to post the comment before doing so.