Friday, September 29, 2023

Belper Goes Green Poem: Festival


Butterfly mandalas

and colours and lights

and pancakes and oatcakes

and tee-shirts and bikes

and badges and raffles

and pennants and flowers

and poetic sound checks

and music for hours.

And ethics with veggies

and rotas and samosas

and palaces of sound

and “how’s this coming over”.

And mallets and stakes

and mobile crepes

and crates and recycling

and give us a break

and weavings and carvings

and all things ecological

and real ale and hairstyles

and things anthropological.

And wildlife and beehives

and collages and petitions

and wellbeing and healing

and musical erudition

and baskets and ask it

and chutney and charms

and info on green things

and organic lip balm

and foodies and music

and peace songs and dance

and tents and gazebos

and give us a chance

and kids’ stuff

and big stuff

and enlightening talks

and smoogs and acoustic

and countryside walks.

Jo Kirk

One thought on “Belper Goes Green Poem: Festival

  • I loved reading Jo Kirk’s poem about Belper Goes Green Festival. It helped me remember all the wonderful things I experienced and the magical atmosphere of the weekend.

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