Amber Valley says No to Devolution Deal

Amber Valley Borough Council has decided not to sign up to a North Midlands devolution deal and not to become a constituent member of the North Midlands Combined Authority. It has requested, however, that, should the North Midlands Combined Authority be formed, it is consulted on any matters that may impact upon Amber Valley.

The Council made its decision because it believed that there were too many unquantifiables and uncertainties relating to the costs and potential benefits to Amber Valley, associated with the proposed agreement.

Cllr Kevin Buttery, the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, who proposed the motion, said: “Why should the Council sign up now, to a contract that is unfinished; the final details of which are to be agreed at some later date.”

Cllr Buttery expressed concerns about how the new Combined Authority and some of its projects would be funded and the lack of detail on likely future costs to constituent councils. He also pointed out that the ‘advertised’ £900m in an investment fund over 30 years had not been confirmed by Government.

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