Friday, September 29, 2023

Anti-Racism Protest Today

In response to the current upsurge of racism, and international calls to address overt and covert domestic racism by Black Lives Matter protests, in reaction to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, Belper has formed its own anti-racism group, Belper Anti-Racism Network, which will seek to address and redress racism in our community.

Many parts of the community, including members of our councils and community leaders from other local groups and organisations, including Nailed, have come together with experts, and BAME members of the community to listen, learn, act, and champion.

Whilst much more is being planned, which is yet to be announced, the first action of this group to hold an anti-racism protest today, Sunday 21st June 2020.  The protest will be socially distanced.  There will be a limited number of face masks for members of the community who have none, but it is best to bring your own face mask.

Be at the Market Place, at 12noon, to stand up for BAME members of the community.

There are Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnicity members of this community.  They do suffer from overt, direct racism which singles them out as different, and threatens them.  They do suffer from institutionalised racism which makes life more difficult for them, than for white people.

Come show the good kind side of Belper.  Come show the strong no-nonsense side of Belper.  Belper needs you to stand 2m apart and demand we make things better.

The protest is set to run from 12noon to 3pm.


Photo: By John Lucia CC BY 2.0,

Clare Washbrook

Current Editor-in-Chief News and magazine editor since 1995 Post-grads: Literature; Theatre; Journalism, Ethics & Law Community Affiliations: Belper Goes Green, Belper's WW1 Poppies, Amber Valley Solidarity No political party memberships/affiliations.

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