Saturday, September 30, 2023

Public Consultation On New Neighbourhood Plan

It’s been 3 years since the Neighbourhood Plan was written.  The Neighbourhood Plan, created by Belper people to assess the quantity and characteristics of housing needs, informs the Local Plan which AVBC creates to manage planning for building.

That 2016 plan was assessed by the Steering Group as still being a “robust valid underpinning” but in need of updating.

The Neighbourhhood Plan covers biodiversity; climate change;  landscape; historic environment, land, soil, and water resources; population and community; health and wellbeing; and transportation.

Research was done and studies commissioned in order to make sure that the information used to create the plan was up to date and accurate.

Changes include simplifying the plan, reducing repetition in the plan, adding plans to expand tourism, the creation of a Master Plan for Belper, and addressing Climate Change in

The plan covers Brownfield versus Green Belt building, environment and climate protections being inbuilt into future planning, air quality, ecological upgrades to historical and existing buildings, conservation, discouraging car use, greater protection of the World Heritage Site status, protection for mature trees and hedgerows, and sustainable drainage systems.

The Neighbourhood Plan is currently in a period of public consulation.  A public meeting was held, with a very low attendance.  Interest in the subject of planning and building is very high though, and this is part of the plan which people should check whilst they can register objections or approval.

You can find the documents and respond to the public consultation HERE until 26th November 2019

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