Milling Milestone For Heage Windmill

We have been milling grain in the traditional manner, between rotating stones, driven by the wind, at Heage windmill since 2003 when our first trial product emerged from the chute on the 4th of July 2003. Then followed a series of trials and testing until we were ready to offer our products for sale at the windmill.

We ordered our first batch of grain to be used commercially in March 2004 and the demand for our product has grown steadily since then. Our first sack of flour was milled by the late Mac Mumford and was bagged and sold on 28th of March 2004. We only sell our flour at the mill ,or at Bakewell Farmers Market, and all our milling is carried out by our specially trained volunteer millers.

We have now reached a milestone in our flour production and have just taken delivery of our 50th tonne of grain! We receive the grain in 25kilo sacks which are first raised to the upper floor of the mill and stored in a large bin until required. All bags of our flour from this batch will carry a specially designed label marking that it comes from our 50th tonne. The 49 tonnes of flour already produced have resulted in a net income over 15 years of about £50K , at an average of about £3.5K a year. All profit from the sale of flour has been used to help to maintain the mill over the years.

We hope that Heage Windmill will continue to produce its much loved flour for many years to come.

Alan Gifford

Alan Gifford is a Founder Trustee of Heage Windmill Society. Opening Times: 11-00am to 4-00pm, every weekend from April 6th until the end of October. Large, free, car park! Prices £2-£4. See web site for more information

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