Thursday, December 7, 2023

Climate Strike Music in Milford

Following today’s Global Climate Strike in the Memorial Gardens, you can enjoy more of the protest and awareness music which accompanied the event in Milford this evening.

‘Milford Monthly Music’ is becoming a Climate Strike Celebration this month.

The evening kicks off with a set from Ola Wilson & Miles Halpin (SHEARglass) 8-8.45pm

Then between 9-10pm there will be open mic with Maggie Braley & the Extinction Rebellion Choir.
Your open mic song should be on theme.

These are all of the people who were singing at the Climate Strike today.  If you missed them, this is your chance to be part of this Global Climate Strike.

The evening is free and takes place at Holy Trinity Church, Hopping Hill, Milford.

Details of future Duffield Music Monthly events are below.

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