Saturday, December 2, 2023

Local Nursery’s Wimbledon Fever

Alton Manor Nursery, Belper, has been celebrating Wimbledon.  As part of giving the children and their families the best start in life, they have nurtured Wimbledon fever in the children, by way of Wimbledon themed active play and team sports.

Staff at Alton Manor recognise that the first five years of life are fundamental to children’s growth and development. There are various physical and psychological developments which occur in young children, which form the foundation for future health and wellbeing. So within this fun-filled theme, staff promoted to families that within the early years, physical activity impacts on children’s health and plays a key role in their development.

Alton Manor has recently undergone a complete refurbishment both indoors, and in particular, within our outside space. We see this as a huge asset to the local community we are a part of.

We welcome anyone for visits at our Outstanding* setting to find out why we are true ambassadors for active play and learning, and give every child and family the best start in life.

by Stefanie Reardon, Nursery Manager

*Ofsted assessment

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