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Badger Vaccinations Off To A Flying Start

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have had great success with their badger vaccinations in the county so far in 2019 thanks to dedicated over 100 volunteers, 15 vaccinators and 5 volunteer vets.

The Trust are recognised as a national leader in badger vaccination by the Government, and have led on national badger vaccination training programmes in Edale. So far this season the Trust have vaccinated 92 badgers which is great news for the county and puts them on target to beat last year’s number.

Lead vaccinator Debbie Bailey has said “We are delighted with how 2019 is shaping up and positive that we can vaccinate many more badgers this year! We will be hosting the APHA again in Edale throughout July for more vaccination sessions as well so we’re looking forward to passing on our knowledge so others can replicate our vaccination scheme across the country. By the end of the year we will have assisted in training 22 new lay vaccinators from across the country.”

Vaccinating badgers against bovine TB is an important part of tackling the disease in cattle.

Debbie continued, “It is better value for money than shooting badgers – vaccination makes financial sense. It also reduces the risk of spreading bovine TB, which is a big concern when badgers are shot.”

The Trust’s vaccination programme has been running since 2013, with the first round of badger vaccinations taking place in June 2014. Since then the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s vaccination project has shown the following results:

  • The cost of vaccinating one badger is approximately £82 compared to over £6,000 to shoot one badger as part of the cull.
  • Become the largest vaccination programme now in the UK and is recognised as leading the field nationally on badger vaccination.
  • Vaccinated over 110km2 of land predominantly in North Derbyshire where 47 landowners are signed up to the project.
  • Worked with over 100 dedicated volunteers to help deliver the programme
  • Has 15 trained lay vaccinators who can legally vaccinate badgers
  • Derbyshire Wildlife Trust vaccination work has featured on SKY news, BBC and ITV
  • Natural England have agreed to have badgers vaccinated across their nature reserve in Derbyshire

Derbyshire’s public helped start off the project by donating £55,000 towards the programme in 2014.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Requests Help

“This important work takes a great deal of our time and resources. Thanks to donations received so far, we have been able to train a team of vaccinators and other volunteers to support the vaccination programme.

“Please continue to give to this appeal. The more money we raise, the more we can do to help protect Derbyshire’s badgers and fight the scourge of bovine TB.”

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Photo: Andrew Parkinson/ 2020VISION

One thought on “Badger Vaccinations Off To A Flying Start

  • Unfortunately the Badger Cull will still be arriving in Derbyshire at the end of August.
    Please check out Derbyshire Against The Cull and get involved.

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