Tuesday, October 3, 2023

New Regulations for Animal Owners and Carers Take Force Today

As of today, the government has tightened regulations for licensing and monitoring animal welfare.  The new law is called The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018.  They are law today, and animal owners and carers involved in many activities will now need to be approved for that activity and hold a licence for it.

Licences will be required for:

Selling animals as pets (including online sales)
Breeding dogs
Providing or arranging boarding for dogs and cats
Hiring horses
Animal day care (pet walking, feeding services)
Training animals for exhibition

Licences can be applied for through Amber Valley Borough Council.

The new legislation will mimic the food industry’s star rating system – one star for poor, four stars for good etc. The aim of these changes is to improve standards of animal welfare across the domestic spectrum of human use of animals.

Cllr Jackie Cox, Chairman of the Borough Council’s Licensing Board, said: “We welcome the changes to the licensing and enforcement of animal welfare activities. It will enable Council officers to monitor and regulate these higher animal welfare standards, particularly for activities like breeding and selling animals on-line, which has largely been unregulated until now. These regulations are an important step in raising standards nationwide.”

Large businesses are already licensed, but now smaller businesses and individuals may need to be licenced as well.

If in doubt about whether you need a licence (or your existing licence is adequate) visit the Amber Valley website for more information on fees, application forms and guidance on the new animal welfare legislation at www.ambervalley.gov.uk/animalwelfare

Email animalwelfare@ambervalley.gov.uk if you think the changes will affect your business or you would like further information.

The full legislation can be found here in the National Archives.

Clare Washbrook

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