Monday, December 4, 2023

Harp And A Monkey – September 15th

Harp And A Monkey return to The Queens Head on September 15th.

The Lancashire based trio and self proclaimed electro-folk story tellers are currently riding a wave of critical acclaim with Mark Radcliffe referring to their latest album as ‘brilliant’ and The Observer calling it ‘bold and original’.

With a published historian in the band and traditional instrumentation augmented by miniature harp, glockenspiel, loops and found sounds, it is no wonder that they sent a few shock waves through the petrified forest of the folk scene before being recognised as the true ground breakers they are.


Looking ahead, the new season includes music as diverse as jazz/funk, folk, blues and punk legend Steve Ignorant with Katie Spencer,widely touted as ‘the next big thing’ appearing on September 22nd.

Tickets can be purchased behind the bar or contact

Tickets are £8.

Doors at 8:00 pm

Forthcoming attractions

  • September 22nd. Katie Spencer. £8
    September 29th.Steve Ashley. £7
    October 5th. ‘Strange Fruits’. A celebration of the life and music of Billie Holliday. £5
    October 12th. Hitiro.Jazz/rock and world fusion. £7
    October 22nd. Stepling. £7
    November 9th. Brooks Williams. £8
    November 10th. Steve Ignorant’s Slice of LIfe. £10
    November 16th.Sunjay. £8
    November 24th.SoulDeep.£8
    November 30th. Andy White.£8
    December 8th.£8
    December 15th. Sean Taylor.£8.
    February 2nd. Headsticks +support. £8
    March 22nd. Ma Polaine’s Great Decline. £8.

By Mike Jones

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