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Help With The Filming Of New Belper Arts Festival Trailer

Filming of the Belper Arts Festival 2017 Cinema Trailer will take place on the 22nd of January 2017 at 9:30am.

The meeting point is in the Memorial Gardens, King Street, Belper and everyone is welcome to take part. Artists, singers, dancers, actors and performers of all kinds will feature. Children and local groups are especially welcome.

“The plan is to have small groups of artists, singers, dancers and performers at points along the street. These groups will be visited by a character who will make her away down the street,” said George Gunby, Belper Arts Festival Co-Ordinator.

“It would be great if people could come along in fancy dress or in costume. We expect to have filming complete by 11am. Everyone who takes part will be given a copy of the DVD. ”

Louis Vella of Studio 3 Cine will be behind the camera. The finished trailer will be shown at the Ritz Cinema in Belper as well as YouTube and social media.

This year’s Belper Arts Festival, now its fifth year, will run from the 29th of April to the 29th of May. It is set to be the biggest yet and will incorporates theatre, art, music, dance, comedy, literature, photography and film.

For further details contact:


TEL: 07845 400914


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