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How To Write For Nailed

Submission Guidelines

Nailed is a community newspaper run by volunteers. We work hard to represent what is going on in Belper and the wider DE56 area, but – despite trying our best – it is impossible for us to be everywhere at once.

The site has grown significantly since we started, in large part because of the scores of contributors who have shared their local stories with us. Now is your chance to join them. To simplify the process we have set out some guidelines to make submitting work easier.

Who can Submit?

Anyone, of any age, can submit but you should bear in mind that this is a newspaper focused on Belper and the surrounding DE56 area. All submissions must be original work.

Whether it is a one-off piece, or you would like to write for us on an ongoing basis, we appreciate your input because it is your voices that make Nailed what it is.

What we are seeking?

Our categories are divided in the following sections. Take a look at the list below and see where you want to contribute.

News: This is our general local news feed. Do you have an urgent story about something that is happening locally? This is where it will go. Be timely, the quicker it arrives to us the quicker we can report it.
You can also report information on current events for us to follow up on.  If you know something, tell us.

Creative Belper: Poetry, short stories, art, competitions and opportunities, installations, gallery openings, photography, plays and musical events of all kinds. Nailed supports the creatives of Belper and aims to showcase as much of what is happening in the town as we can.

Environment: Belper is part of a world heritage site that features stunning scenery and wildlife. If you want to discuss an issue that affects it then your story will go here. This section ranges from gardening tips to planning decisions.

History: History is a living, breathing thing and nobody knows this town better than you. Your fascinating stories of how Belper used-to-be should be passed on so that they are kept alive for future generations. Nailed prides itself on building up a history of local events and you can contribute to it here.

Lifestyle: Are you a Great British baker with recipes the world needs to try? Perhaps you have a human interest story or a how-to guide that will change the lives of those that read it? Have you ventured to faraway places and want to tell the tale? This is where your story might feature.

What’s On and Calendar: This is our calendar of the upcoming events that are happening locally. If you have an event of any kind it can be added here. The What’s-On section tends to go into more depth and is reserved for bigger local events.

Review: So much happens in Belper every week and if you have seen something that you think the rest of the town should know about then this is your section. Occasionally, we also accept reviews of regional events though we expect the contributor to be locally based.

Opinion: We accept submissions on any topic for our opinion pieces, but they must feature a strong argument and be fact based.

Before submitting, remember:

  • Basics: Tell us your name and contact details.
  • Format: Please send your work over in Word .DOC format and attach images separately.
  • Word Count: Our word count is flexible, but we recommend that you keep it under 1000 words unless the article specifically demands it.
  • Original: All work must be an original piece by the contributor who has sent in.
  • Send all work to where one of our team will pick up your email.

It’s as simple as that.

Lastly, we always welcome new ideas and new contributors to Nailed but understand that not everyone is a professional writer. If you need help or have a query before submitting then again, please email us at

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