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Developers Lay Siege To Belper’s Green Fields

Hot on the heels of the withdrawn Bessalone plan and the fight to oppose plans for housing and a factory extension at Bullsmoor comes news of another potential attack on green fields within the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site buffer zone.

Land backing on to Whitehouse Rise
Land backing onto Whitehouse Rise

Wheeldon Brothers have delivered a leaflet in the Mount Pleasant area of Belper to seek views on the potential for 150 ‘high quality’ homes on land to the south west of Belper Lane and backing on to Whitehouse Rise. They do, at least, offer Belper residents the courtesy of asking for an opinion before submitting a planning applications.

Their website: says:

Wheeldon Brothers recognise that consultation is vitally important in the development process and in this respect we would like to inform you of our plans.

Wheeldon Brothers intend to submit a full planning application to Amber Valley Borough Council in the near future. Prior to submitting the application, we wish to engage with the community to understand local views and considerations that will positively assist in the formulation of our plans.

We are proposing to bring a brand new high quality housing development of up to 150 dwellings to Mount Pleasant, delivering a mix of housing types including a provision of affordable housing.  The proposal will include a single road access off Belper Lane and potential new pedestrian/open space link to the open space off Oakhurst Close. We will seek to provide suitable landscape and ecology enhancement within the scheme.

We would be grateful to receive feedback on:

  • Are there any particular types of houses that Mount Pleasant is currently lacking?
  • What are the key issues in the community and how could the proposed development help to improve these issues and the area?
  • Are there community facilities that you would like to see improved or developed as part of this scheme?


Please go to the Feedback section of this website and make any comments by Wednesday 31st August 2016 or please email or write to Planning and Design Group, Pure Offices, Lake View Drive, Sherwood Business Park, Nottingham NG15 0DT.

Coming as it does in the middle of the holiday period and with a fast looming deadline we can only suggest that as many people as possible let Wheeldon (via Planning and Design Group) know what you think of their plans directly.

As the proposal impacts on the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site and its Buffer Zone it is expected that objections similar to those expressed for Bullsmoor, and that held sway at the end of the Local Plan consultation in 2014, will surface.

Although there must be some weariness on the part of campaigners it is also expected that a group similar to that opposing Bessalone and Protect Belper will emerge to lead the fight against new housing on green field sites in Belper.

By David George

David George

Former Editor of Derby's CAMRA Magazine Community Affiliations: Belper Goes Green Founder, Transition Belper

9 thoughts on “Developers Lay Siege To Belper’s Green Fields

  • Kathy Hazlewood

    Your proposed development will not enhance our beautiful countryside , it will ruin it. People love the top of Belper lane it’s peaceful and stunning. People walk there dogs up here. The traffic will be horrendous and Belper lane is already too busy . The schools are full. It’s just greed spoiling were we live to fill your pockets.
    Disgusted !!!
    We will fight this .
    Also it’s no were near Mount Pleasant so You are miss leading people .
    You will also devalue many houses with a lovely Veiw being taken.
    It’s greed go build somewhere not so beautiful. Children play in those fields.
    Belper lane is a strong community

  • We have enough houses in Belper, and the Roads are struggling with the traffic, that we already have.
    Also we have to think of the Wildlife and the Birds that would be affected by more change, so No to more houses being built in Belper

  • Dave Nimby

    I have my house in Belper now, that was built on green fields, but if anyone else thinks that they can build more houses on green fields they have another think coming. Is that how it works?

  • The UK, including Belper, is short of first time buyer and social housing not ‘high quality’ homes. New housing should always be built on brown field sites in preference to Green field. Existing properties should be refurbished before using up more land for new builds. I agree with Kathy, the infrastructure in Belper cannot take anymore. Over the last few years it only takes one incident to reduce the traffic in Belper to grid lock.


    Up to 400 homes set to be built on land adjacent to Kedleston Hall after a decision by a central planning officer.

  • Joanna Kirk

    The Mount Pleasant area is at the moment an estate which reaches up to Whitehouse Rise (with 2 roads of bungalows off it :Oakhurst Close and Wren Park Close) from Mount Pleasant Drive further down the hill. From your map it looks as if the proposal is to build on the North West fields at the top of Belper Lane. These fields can be seen from Dalley Lane and also from the Mid-Shires Way which runs parallel to it (also known as the Roman Road). In fact Belper gets its name from Latin, meaning “beautiful resting place”.
    It’s beautiful at the moment. We want it to stay that way.

  • Joanna Kirk

    perambulate, Latin, to traverse
    from per, through & ambulare, to walk

    perch- a pole, branch or other resting place on which a bird roosts or alights
    – a frame on which cloth is placed for inspection
    – a solid measure of stone taken as 198 inches x 18″ x 12″
    -a pole joining the front and rear axles of a carriage
    13 Century, perche, stake, from Old French, from Latin pertica, long staff

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