Friday, December 8, 2023

Bullsmoor Building Plan Back On the Agenda

Belper boiler company, Vaillant, along with housebuilders, Peveril Homes have submitted plans for 150 homes, 6,000 sq ft of industrial use, car parking for an extra 115 vehicles and open space on land behind the existing Vaillant/Glow Worm factory.

The application has been added to the Amber Valley Borough Council web site today (27th July). You can view the application at: – you’ll need to enter the reference number AVA/2016/0754 to go to the relevant page.

The proposals are not in accordance with the current Local Plan as the site area – known to all as ‘Bullsmoor’ – is designated for industrial/commercial use without any provision for housing. It is believed this designation was given to allow for the potential expansion of the Vaillant factories thus preventing the company from having to leave Belper owing to a lack of space at their current site.

Although parts of the proposed site lie within 20 metres of Coppice Brook the applicants do not believe the building of an additional 150 houses, factory space and tarmac for an additional 115 vehicles will impact on the likelihood of flooding elsewhere. They propose that additional surface water is disposed of via a ‘sustainable drainage system’ as well as the existing brook. They do, however, admit that there are protected and priority species on the development site that would be adversely affected by the proposals.

During the Local Plan objections to housing in the Bullsmoor and Pottery and Cherry House Farm sites  there were loudly voiced claims that animals affected by anthrax were buried on or near the site. This has not been acknowledged by that applicants who have stated that the application does not involve land where contamination is suspected.

The housing proposals are for 30 two bed, 30 three bed and 45 larger houses for sale, social housing comprising 6 one bed, 19 two bed and 10 three bed houses for housing association rental and 5 two bed and 5 three bed houses for shared ownership schemes.

The planning documents are extensive and include an Environmental Assessment, Noise Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Survey, Landscaping Scheme, Heritage Statement, Layout Plans, Design and Access Statement, Ecological Report, Coal Report, Transport Assessment, Flood Risk Assessment, Archaeological Assessment, Planning Statement and Site Location Plan as well as the Planning Application.

A decision is anticipated by 20th October.

By David George

6 thoughts on “Bullsmoor Building Plan Back On the Agenda

  • It’s a surprise that valiant would want to fill all space available for factory expansion with houses!
    The company probably has plans to move too.
    All the green spaces, those spaces that make Belper special are all eventually doomed to be covered housing estates.

  • Is the developers’ idea that by repeatedly submitting these plans every couple of years, those raising objections will become so fatigued by having to write the same objections every time that they just give in?

  • Wayne Furniss

    Why not, lets wipe out what’s left of the hedge row birds that have been hanging on and destroy what’s left of our fields , In fact why don’t we Tarmac the last couple of fields down to Kilburn , and the last two between us and Allestree and be done with it .

  • Pat Tooze

    What infrastructure will you provide non I suspect , all to do with making the rich richer ,to hell with the rest of Belper .

  • Common land was for commoners to have houses on in medieval times so why has it remained empty for 450years .according to evidence of historians the early Anglo Saxon village points to being on belpers common land (bullsmoor ) .And in june 1545 a hurricane hit Britain .and the right front tangent very wet and electrical sporned a tornado which is common in such an formed in derbyshire tumbling over needwood forest hitting etwell to the right ,Langley to the left duffield to the right , windley lane to the left then belper and heage chapel .it was a mile wide, join all these together and the tornado goes straight through bullsmoor forty houses were destroyed and a possible 140 people died in belper alone .where was they buried with all the roads down possibly bullsmoor as in summer with wolves foxes badgers and rats around they would have needed to be buried quickly..respect history do not build on bullsmoor on belpers first settlement …

  • Gordon Cooper

    Once again the planners appear to not understand the issues that need addressing in Belper, ie insufficient school places, traffic jams on the 19th century road system , (Nottingham Rd.), lack of sewerage capacity; tankering effluent away from the sewage works, approx 20 a day to who knows where, waiting 2 weeks for a doctors appointment, and now ANOTHER 150 houses with potentially 300 extra cars, not to mention the flooding issues, i suggest the planners ask the residents of Stanton Ave., about current flooding, the water from the proposed development will have to go the same way! Finally I hope if thiis application is approved that the planning committee are there when the anthrax carcases buried under one of the fields at the back of Vallient in the 1940″s are unearthed during installation of groundworks.

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