Friday, September 29, 2023

Vintage Cars Grace Heage Windmill

Sunday (July 3rd) saw the Heage windmill visited by 16 cars of the pre-1940’s vintage.

All the occupants arrived dressed in 1940’s style and came prepared with picnic tables, some with table cloths, and food to match. The cars were a variety of makes ranging from Alvis, Austin, Rover and Triumphs and all were well received in the sunshine.

winmill car2

The successful event saw cars came from all parts of the UK and an additional attraction was when they produced a windup gramophone and proceeded, much to the delight of the other visitors, to perform 1940’s type dances. The group hope to be able to visit the site again in the near future.

The event coincided with the windmill sails turning all day for the first time since last August and the visitors were able to see the machinery in action.

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