Tuesday, September 26, 2023

WE SHALL OVERCOME BENEFIT: Friday Jan 29th, Queens Head Pub Belper feat. Robyn Johnson + Dave and Chris

WE SHALL OVERCOME BENEFIT. Friday Jan 29th. Robyn Johnson + Dave and Chris. £5.  Top Bar at the Queens Head, Chesterfield Road, Doors at 8.00pm.

When times are hard, we have to hold together and look after our own. Although not strictly a benefit gig, last Saturday saw a donation of £120 to Hope for Belper. Many thinks to Blyth, Headsticks, Sue and Chris for sterling performances but thanks also to the generosity of our audience.

This gig featuring Robyn Johnson and Dave and Chris will be the first of a series of live performances to keep the movement alive in Belper, to raise money for those in most need and to campaign against the inequalities and injustices of austerity.

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