Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Viral Rhyme by Carol Brewer


If like me, you’re fed up of total gloomy reaction

Here’s a few words that might prove a distraction

In these seriously, strange and stressful times

Here’s some light relief – a ‘viral’ rhyme

The verse that follows hopefully brings

A chance to think of other things

Remember all those usual moans

Of climate change – of hacking phones

Of Meghan and Harry exiting

Of Theresa, then Boris Brexiting

Hybrid cars and HS2

Ex Thomas Cook and Prince Andrew

Sir Attenborough plays Glastonbury

Paul Schofield ‘outing’ on TV

Ant and Dec winning every award

No more Jeremy Kyle for the unwashed and bored

Donald Trump and his tweeting, his hair and fake tan

UK floods, Aussie fires, France’s sad Notre Dame

All of these subjects now consigned to the past

It’s now just talk of this virus and how long it will last

‘Nice two metre’s’ no longer manners polite

It’s the safe measured distance to keep us alright

Singing aloud each twenty second hand wash

Happy Birthday’s our weapon as these germs we must quash

So whilst we are worried or in self – isolation

Remember – we Brits are a positive nation

We’ve coped with catastrophe before and we’ve won

Our National Motto – Keep calm Carry on

Avoid fake news – just follow sage advice

What we once classed as normal, we now have to think twice

Please try to think of each other and not just ourselves

Buy just what we need and not empty the shelves

Be Kind, we can make Britain great once again

Try to keep smiling – stay strong, safe and sane.


©Carol Brewer, U3A Creative Writing Group

One thought on “A Viral Rhyme by Carol Brewer

  • Chris Toner

    Very well written and most apt in the present climate

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