Derbyshire Police Fly Pride Flags

By The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Rainbow flags will fly over police buildings in Derbyshire during the annual Pride celebrations in a powerful message of support for the LGBT+ community, the county’s PCC has confirmed.

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa and Chief Constable Peter Goodman have agreed to the symbolic move to demonstrate the force’s commitment to promoting the values of respect, tolerance and equality.

The flag will fly above four public flagpoles owned by the Force; St Mary’s Wharf in Derby, Chesterfield, Ilkeston and Ripley during the Derby Pride Weekend – 7th and 8th September.

Mr Dhindsa said he would also be working hard during the celebrations to promote a positive message of support to the LGBT+ community and to highlight the force’s commitment to equality on all levels.

“This is a hugely significant event for Derbyshire. Both the chief constable and I are proud to fly the rainbow flag on behalf of Derbyshire Constabulary,” he said.

“The flag symbolises not only our support to our LGBT+ communities and their safety but sends out a positive message to all of our communities how important it is that we celebrate difference and make Derbyshire a welcome place for all.

“We also want to reassure our LGBT+ communities that Derbyshire police is doing everything it can to ensure the county remains a safe place to live and work and will continue to treat experiences of homophobic hate crime with the utmost sensitivity and seriousness.”

Mr Goodman said:
“We are honoured to support this celebration of the LGBT+ communities of Derby and Derbyshire and, as the PCC has mentioned, are flying the rainbow flag at police buildings around the county to show our commitment to celebrating equality and diversity.

“Work is currently underway to enhance our knowledge and understanding of issues that affect the LGBT+ community, so that we are better equipped to prevent and investigate crime and care for our victims within this community.

“We want to ensure that everyone receives the best possible service and recognise that we need to tailor our approach so that it best fits the needs of each of the communities that we serve.”

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