Do You Want To Be In a Belper Based Music Video?

Local musician Phil Doleman is looking for people who would like to be in a video for his song “You Either Care Or You Don’t!”

Phil told us, “This song was my attempt to boil down all the arguing, name-calling, and bad feeling in the world to a simple ‘you either care, or you don’t’. I know that Belper people do care- look at Pride! For the video, I really wanted the message to be delivered by the people I see every day.”

Phil wants a variety of people in his video.  Different ages, genders, ethnicities and all kinds of people from his “fabulous” home town of Belper.   Those in the video would have to mime along to the words of the song.  Phil will be doing the filming and editing himself.

Have a listen to the song on the link below (downloads are available but you can listen to the song for free), and if you appreciate the message and would like to take part, you can email Phil for more information:

Song: You Either Care Or You Don’t


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