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Knit for Pride in Belper – Bunting Pattern

Anne Clark, the creator and organiser of Belper Woollen Woods, is organising the knitters of Belper to make bunting for the Pride in Belper festival in August.  Plenty of volunteers are needed in order to decorate colourfully.

Anne will be taking these pieces and creating the bunting herself, so she needs you to get the finished pieces to her by 14th July. To get them strung up for Pride in Belper, please contact Anne by EMAIL to arrange dropping them off.

Double knit yarn can be bought in Wilkos, Poundland, B&M, Red Cross, and occassionally there are (single colour) packs in Aldi.  Poundland has proved excellent at maintaining stock in the same colours for previous yarncraft projects.

If you would like to participate please follow the pattern below to ensure that it matches.  It is important to use the type of yarn, and size of needles stated.  You can use all the colours of the rainbow.


Knitted Bunting Pattern

Use Double Knitting yarn in colours from the rainbow and size 8(4mm) needles, cast on 34 stitches.

Knit 10 rows.

Row 11, Knit two together(K2Tog), knit to the last two stitches, again (K2Tog), 34 sts.

Row 12, Knit 5 sts, Purl the rest of the row until you get to the last 5 stitches and then knit these.

Row 13, Knit.

Row 14, Knit 5 sts, Purl the rest of the row until you get to the last 5 stitches and then knit these.

Repeat Rows 11 – 14 until there are 10 stitches left.

Rows 56-58 Knit

Row 59 (K2Tog) knit to last 2 st (K2Tog) 8 sts.

Rows 60-62 knit.

Row 63 (K2Tog) knit to last 2 st (K2Tog) 6 sts.

Cast off and sew in the ends.


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