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Top 5 Ways To Stay Active In Derby

New Year is a good time to review your lifestyle and make some positive changes to benefit your health and wellbeing. The challenge can be how to stay motivated and maintain the momentum. With this in mind, here are five ideas to ensure you keep on track and achieve your fitness goals.

Try something new

It can help to revitalise your energy and enthusiasm for exercise as well as helping to keep your mind active by learning new skills and meeting new people too! Why not try a new group activity like one of the Les Mills classes such as BodyPump™, BodyCombat™ and BodyAttack™ being launched this month at Derby Arena. Book your free place at for any of the 3 new hour long classes on Saturday 13 January.

If you enjoy dance-based exercise then Clubbercise® and DanceFit® classes are also available to book at Derby Arena. Clubbercise® is a fun, easy-to-follow dance workout with rave glow sticks and disco lights accompanied by Club anthems from 90s to today’s hits. DanceFit® is a low-impact class using different types of dance from hip-hop to Latin to improve your fitness levels.

Derby Arena also offers both track cycling and group studio cycling sessions, using Watt bikes which are designed for everyone – from beginners to serious cyclists. These sessions incorporate mixed terrains including hills, mountains and speed work. Keen cyclists and novices alike can enjoy using the velodrome at Derby Arena, a 250m indoor cycle track which also offers training and women only sessions.

Why not try the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energising and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums called Pound. Yogalates is a gentle class involving stretching and relaxation combined with movements from Pilates, it is ideal for stress relief. Both these class are available at Springwood Leisure Centre in Oakwood, Derby.

Fitness lane swimming, along with a new Class Programme including Aquafit or ‘aerobics in the water’ are available at Queen’s Leisure Centre. Aquafit is easy on your joints yet tones your muscles and is great if you need to lose weight or have limited mobility.

Find a buddy

Exercising with a friend or family member can be an enjoyable way to spend time together supporting each other to achieve your goals. On days when you’re motivation is waning a gym/cycling/walking buddy can help to inspire and encourage you to stay on track and then you can always do the same for them! Working out with a buddy can help you push yourself harder and also makes it less intimidating to try new things, such as a new exercise class or sport for example. As well as enjoying each other’s company whilst being active, a buddy can help keep you safe, for example at night time and having someone to spot you when you’re doing squats or bench presses at the gym.

Get active outdoors

Despite the colder weather, there are lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends getting active outside. Derby Parks have many footpaths that allow access for everyone to enjoy a Winter walk. Cycle paths are available and regular Park runs take place at Markeaton Park throughout the year, so there’s no excuse not to stay active during the Winter months. Derby has many parks for local people to enjoy, across all areas of the city. Markeaton Park is Derby’s most visited park and is one of the most popular attractions in the East Midlands, with plenty on offer to provide a full day out! Friends of Markeaton Park are organising Birdwatching for Beginners events on Sunday 18 February and Sunday 18 March from 10.30am-12pm, for further details.

Find out more about parks to explore in Derby at Those who enjoy playing golf or, would like to give it a try, can take up the Winter offer of 6 months unlimited golf, for only £129 at Allestree Park 18 hole Golf course.  Find out more at

Get support

Derby Active has a team of Wellbeing advisors who can arrange for inductions and setting up/reviewing personalised training programmes to help members to achieve their fitness goals. Members can also use the ‘My Wellness’ app which assists with monitoring their progress. The team will work with members to discuss their lifestyle, health and goals to ensure they get the most out of their membership. Springwood Leisure Centre offers free support to members, guiding them through their first twelve weeks of fitness, by offering four consultations over each three week programme to review progress, refine their programme and help members achieve their fitness goals.

Set regular goals

Whether you’d like to lose some weight, improve your fitness or simply enjoy being active with others, it’s important to set and review your goals regularly to maintain your motivation. Once you’re achieving your goals you can reward yourself with some new workout clothes, for example, to keep you feeling and looking good. Monitoring your achievements help you to realise just how much progress you’ve made which will fuel your enthusiasm to keep aiming higher and hitting your goals!

To support people to get active in the New Year Derby Active have an offer, if you join in January 2018 you won’t pay anything until February 2018, with access to facilities at three leisure centres across the city. Members can workout at one of three gyms, swim or try out over 100 exercise classes with Derby Active at Derby Arena, Queen’s Leisure Centre and Springwood Leisure Centre. Access to state-of-the-art gym equipment and facilities is available at all three sites. Find out more about this fantastic offer at or call 01332 641234.

Derby Active membership also includes access to public swimming sessions at Queen’s Leisure Centre and you can swim for fitness in lane swimming, join in an Aqua class or swim in the general public sessions. Visit for the pool programme.

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