Monday, December 4, 2023

Amnesty International Benefit At The Queens Head – Nov 11th

For over fifty years Amnesty International has campaigned against injustice and lit a candle in the face of cruelty and oppression. Therefore, by its very nature it continues solely through the contributions that we make.

Campaigning however should also be fun and the line up for this particular benefit is certainly not short on quality music and entertainment.

Following the break up of Sweet Liquorice, Tony Stark continues to be the most versatile and proficient guitarist in town while the combination of Sarah Newby on cello and Annette Oakes on guitar and vocals offers a range of original song writing, stunning vocals and instrumental gems including Sarah’s interpretations of classical Sufi tunes.

A range therefore of diverse and enthralling world music to help further the cause of an international campaign.

Looking further ahead, Belper is once again at the forefront of cutting edge music with the return of Paytron Saint, Saskia and Kai Swarvett on Nov 17th followed on Nov 24th by Sunjay and Robyn Johnson both bringing new material and in the case of Robyn,a new and long awaited CD.

Belfast legend Andy White returns on Nov 25th ably supported by Tich Vango of Silk Road, the pride of Chesterfield.

Tickets are £5 and are available at the venue or contact

Doors at 8:00 pm

Forthcoming attractions

  • Nov 17th. Paytron Saint,Saskia and Kai Swarvett. £4
  • Nov 24th. Sunjay + Robyn Johnson £8
  • Nov 25th. Andy White +support from Tich (Silk Road) Vango
  • Dec 9th. Sunflower Thieves, Joseph Knight, Laurie Illingworth ptbc
  • January 27th. Headsticks + support.
  • February 17th. Bob Cheevers + support.

By Mike Jones

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