Thursday, December 7, 2023

Belper Against Homelessness (Event)

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September, over 40 artistes will be performing to “make a stand” against homelessness.

The event is being hosted by The Railway Hotel on King Street and is a Pay What You Can event to raise money via Musicians Against Homelessness so admission is free, but contributions are requested. Starting at midday each day, the performances run until 11pm.  The proceeds will go to local charities combatting homelessness.

All of the artistes are performing free of charge, with the line ups organised by Jake Farrell and Natalie Bestwick.

This will be Familia Roots last ever gig, so this is also a final chance to see them.

There is a Facebook page for the event.

Saturday Lineup

12.00 Dwain Reads
12.30 Faith Rhiannon
13.00  Juneau
14.00 In Here Brothers
15.00 Amelia May
16.00 Philharmonics
17.00 We are the Giant
18.00 Paytron Saint
19.00 5 Hills out
20.00 Bric-a-brac
21.00  Familia roots
22.00 Water for Dogs

Sunday Lineup

12.00 Toby Ingram
12.30 Niamh Dudson
13.00 Gabe Newton-Wilde
13.30 Heather Turner
14.00 Ben Smith
14.30 Folk Friendzy
15.15 Karin
15.45 Mark Atherton
16.30 Calum Ward
17.00 Isaac Walters
17.30 Jiji LaVolpe
18.00 Annette Oakes
18.30 Meghan Bethany
19.00 Just Jake
19.30 David Lacey
20.15 Dale Rowles
21.00 Death by Shark
21.45 Wheatabix

Food will be available at the back of the Railway Hotel.  Children are welcome.

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