Friday, September 29, 2023

Youth Review for Belper Goes Green

I loved that the main focus was to try to change the way we look after the planet and protect it for future generations. As a vegetarian it was great to see so many products for vegetarians and vegans.

There was something for everyone, we had a dance and practised our circus skills. I found out that I’m actually pretty good at spinning hula hoops.

The stalls were unique and we learned about energy, plant products and how important your say is about the problems that affect the planet, even if not everyone realises that the issues even exist. People need to realise that problems that we cause (not always on purpose) affect us all and will continue to hurt the planet if we don’t help out.

This festival was great for teaching people that we need to look after our planet and still have fun whist going green.


by Jessica Davis (aged 13)

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