Thursday, September 28, 2023

Moon Bullet And Robyn Johnson At The Queens Head. JANUARY 16th. Admission £6. Doors at 8.00pm

A unique opportunity to catch two great local acts on the same bill. Robyn Johnson is of course Belper’s foremost singer/songwriter with a maturity and body of work astonishing for such a young artist. Giving something new with every performance and currently recording, it cannot be long before Robyn’s repute moves far beyond the local scene.

And so to the latest line up of Moon Bullet. With more regenerations under their belt than Dr Who, the current band is a three piece pared down to push Julian Woodcock’s words and Dicky Batson’s virtuoso guitar work to the fore. The band are performing all new material with maybe the odd favourite subtly integrated into their set.

Belper at its finest.

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