Monday, September 25, 2023

Emma Clinton

Emma and her family moved to Belper from Sheffield in January 2015, attracted to the thriving community, local arts scene, beautiful location and fascinating history. Excellent transport links were also a big draw. She lived in Matlock for five years when the children were very young. Her three sons were all born in Derbyshire; one recently graduated from York University and the other two are currently studying at York and Lancaster Universities.

Emma was born in Chesterfield where her father taught English Literature at Chesterfield School, he was also a founder member of the Chesterfield Ecology Party (later the Green Party of England & Wales), although Emma is not a member of any political party. Her family moved to Singapore when she was 13 and she was then able to travel widely in South East Asia for a number of years, encountering the rich cultures of the region.

A believer in life-long learning, Emma recently graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Sheffield Hallam University, and also has a Masters Degree in Music from Sheffield University. She has a keen interest in photography and participates in the Derbyshire arts scene as a fine art photographer.

Emma has strong interests in contemporary literature, creative writing and digital photography and has been practising Tai Chi for more than 10 years. She is very happy to have returned to live in her native county. Moreover, she is thrilled to be able to walk out of her door into gorgeous scenery, terrific local shops and tempting cafes, where you will often find her sitting with a book or with her camera after a walk.

You can send Emma any items for consideration for Nailed, but particularly arts and heritage – classical music/listings/reviews, literary submissions (short stories/poetry), photography etc.