Saturday, September 30, 2023

Online Town Council Meeting

Zoom in!

See how BTC operates council meetings during lockdown.

On Tuesday 9th June, Belper Town Council will be holding their monthly meeting, at 7pm, on Zoom.

Normally town council meetings occur at St. John’s Chapel or in community centres for the roaming meetings designed to encourage people outside the centre of Belper to attend.  This is not possible whilst we are still in lockdown.  It is not possible to hold a socially distanced council meeting.

For this meeting there are a number of interesting topics being discussed, including changing rooms, the town’s toilet facilities, the appointment of coordinator/manager of the town centre, and the election of replacement Councillor, following a resignation.

We do not have more information on the resignation, due to the council failing to communicate with Nailed on all matters.  Zoom in to find out more.

You can watch the meeting as a guest on Zoom which can be accessed through the town council website on the 9th.

3 thoughts on “Online Town Council Meeting

  • Chris M Roberts

    A friend shared a recording of this meeting with me.
    I am appalled at the behaviour of the councillors during the meeting and what a shambles the whole event was.
    Lack of control, no respect for standing orders, shouting at one another.
    They obviously havnt attended any training on how to be a good councillor, or if they did, they have ignored or forgotten it.
    The people of Belper deserve better.

  • Chris Roberts

    At Tuesday nights meeting, the newly elected Mayor of Belper, Councillor Emma Monkman stated she would not be wearing the Mayoral chain during her tenure.
    According to Belper Town Council website, the role of the Mayor is;
     To be figurehead of the Council
     To undertake Ceremonial Role – opening fetes etc
     To Chair the Full Council Meetings
     To Chair the Annual Parish Meeting
    If she undertakes Ceremonial Roles, surely she should be wearing the regalia of her office, i.e. the Mayoral Chain, and wear it with respect.
    Civic regalia are a symbol of continuity, of local identity and of civic pride. Local democracy is diminished if one whitewashes all colour and ceremony in some bland, vain, politically correct bid to ‘modernise’.
    If she didnt want to fulfil the role of Mayor correctly, she shouldnt have accepted the job.

  • wesley parkin

    after watching a room of has beens no wonder we have a council that is completelly out of touch out of date and well pass there sell by date a need to replace these has beens .i recently sent an e-mail to one of the councillors who happen to be labour ,after two e-mails not a reply what sort of councillor is he ?obviously one who wallows in his self importance or so he obviously thinks.shame on the has beens especially the so called councillor of the people .what an insult this person is to his constituents.time for a change at the next local elections we can do better.

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