Friday, September 29, 2023

Belper Lockdown Life – Angels

Here we share a tale from Rachael Fox of how the coronavirus crisis is affecting life in Belper.

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Yaknow, that little cosy place tucked away in the corner of the marketplace?

That little watering hole has given me a steady job for the past 3.5 years, and in that time I have met the most incredible people.

I have one of the best bosses I could ask for, who looks after me, so I look after her pub.

Unfortunately the doors are closed to the public for now, same as most places, but please do remember it’s only temporary.

I walked into the building yesterday to sort some of the stock out, and as I opened the bar door I could not hear the fan in the back screaming its head off trying to keep my beer cool.

I peeped into the cellar and felt uneasy when the beer rack was completely empty.

I sighed when behind the bar had no barrels cluttering the place as my reserves, with cider boxes balanced expertly on top.

I stood for a moment, shoulders dropped as I leant on the bar for one last time before all this blows over.

I stared out at the empty front of house, with all the furniture stacked, not a soul in sight.

Then I remembered….

I remembered the smiles people gave me as I poured beer, the laughter and banter we shared as a pub family. The conversations shared over that very bar between myself and so many people, so much laughter.

I remembered the summertimes with the wasp killing crew and the regulars who chased the sun up the alley, taking all the tables and chairs with them!

I remembered in the winter months, the satisfaction of customers when they walked into a nice warm pub after braving the cold to get to a beer!

I laughed a little at all the jokes and happy memories that came flooding back, the new faces and old, the shit I have to put up with.

The nostalgia that I used to feel on a Sunday morning at 11am, just me on my tod at the pub to clean and I would potter about; setting the building up ready for a day of trading.. having a ciggy before I opened the doors and watching people over the marketplace.

Yelling “Mornin’!” to the regulars who got there early. (9/10 times it was “Mornin’ Pete!!”)

The memories that have been built from just one building are incredible, and I will always hold dear.

I had to step back and remind myself that this isn’t the end, it’s only temporary!

I left the pub with a little smile on my face as I locked the door, smirking because the weather was perfect beer drinking weather… AS IT IS TODAY.


I will see you all soon guys, take care of yourselves 🍻

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