ESSENTIAL BREAKING NEWS: Law Change & Election – Covid-19

Local Election

The local election in May has been cancelled due to Covid-19.  The election will take place at a later date.  Until then the currently elected councillors will retain their seats.

Public Gatherings Banned

Despite saying yesterday that we hadn’t reached the point where public gatherings would be banned, today, with a rise in Covid-19 cases of over 200 in 24 hours, and the cancellation of high level football, Boris Johnson has announced that we have reached that point.  Late this (Friday 13th) evening it was announced that public gatherings will be banned from next week, in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19.  The temporary law will be decided on Monday and will take effect next week.  The size of gatherings which will be banned has not yet been determined, but large gatherings such as festivals will definitely be included.  It is not known how long the ban will last for, but infections are predicted to peak in 12-14 weeks (May-June) and will undoubtedly remain in effect at this time, until infections fall.


The reason for both moves is to stop the high infection rate posed by infected people attending events, either without knowing they are infected, or deliberately.


Please contact Nailed if you have an event you need to publicly cancel. We will start a Live Feed of Cancellations and Closures over the weekend. or tel:07881 284805

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