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Coronavirus Tests: A Statement From The Man in Self-Isolation

Following our report, on Friday,  of a family in Belper who have self-isolated after exposure to a confirmed case of Covid-19/Coronavirus, Derbyshire Live, the online platform for the Derby Telegraph, today (Sunday 1st March) published a misleading report.  This report has led to the circulation of misinformation, fueling rumours and criticism. The man at the centre of the story has asked Nailed to address this and publish his statement about the situation.

The incorrect claims stated in the article are:

  1. “Speaks out for the first time” – the gentleman first spoke out on social media to address rumours about the white suited paramedics attending his home, and on the same day he spoke to Nailed.  A report has also appeared in Belper News online prior to the DT/DL publication.
  2. That he is concerned about having infected others.  As we reported on Friday, the man in question has not had contact with anyone other than his husband, and is not worried about having spread the disease IF he does have it.  This was never expressed to Derbyshire Live.
  3. That he has specific symptoms which he does not have.

For the sake of maintaining the truth, and for the public to be fully informed, we have agreed to publish his statement.

“In regards to recent rumour, I just want to assure everyone that I am not worried or concerned that I’ve passed it on to anyone apart from my husband who’s in self isolation with me.

Again, I’m not yet a confirmed case and neither is he, I’m just acting according to advice.

I don’t want people to panic or worry.

We are both highly likely to test negative. I am pretty sure that I only have a nasty bug or lesser virus, which unfortunately have symptoms similar to that of coronavirus.

I’ve had a lot of messages asking what my symptoms, and what the symptoms of coronavirus, are, so I want to make it as easy and stress free for everyone as possible.

My symptoms are the following:
High temperature, feeling and going hot and cold, being sick, and now diarrhoea.

Coronavirus main symptoms are:
A cough (which neither of us have) Higher temperature, (yes I have one but this could be anything) and dizzyness, (which again neither of us have).

In regards to an update, we should have our swab results hopefully by tomorrow.  Of course I will give an update on the results, and on what 111 inform us to do next.

Keep safe but please don’t over worry or stress. It’s about the facts and being safe for us all.

As I have mentioned before, if we contain it we can control it.

Thank you again for the love and support from the local community. I also have to add that if anyone is concerned, to not worry, as to have coronavirus you have to be within close contact with someone who’s got it for quite some time and I mean very close contact. I unfortunately have been, but again I don’t think we have it.

It’s the time of year for bugs and general virus colds etc., but if anyone is worried please contact 111 and they will ask some health questions and the answers given will inform the person of what action to take.

We have not spread anything to anyone and I do not want anyone to worry. This is why we are self isolating – to keep whatever we have between just us and to not spread anything within the community. We also want to help the prevention of fear within the community.
And finally for any negative comments, such as we’re looking for attention I say this, we have no regrets in putting our health first or that of our love ones and members of the public, again anything we’re doing is as informed by the correct channels. So I’m sorry keyboard warriors  – your words just make us stronger.

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Clare Washbrook

Current Editor-in-Chief News and magazine editor since 1995 Post-grads: Literature; Theatre; Journalism, Ethics & Law Community Affiliations: Belper Goes Green, Belper's WW1 Poppies, Amber Valley Solidarity No political party memberships/affiliations.

One thought on “Coronavirus Tests: A Statement From The Man in Self-Isolation

  • Paul Terry

    It is so good that we have recieved a response from these caring and considerate people… Who reconise proper ethical journalism. Hope your symptoms are nothing more than a winter chill and you recover quickly.
    And thank you Nailed for ‘responsible’ reporting.

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