Sunday, September 24, 2023

Belper Family Being Tested After Coronavirus Exposure

A family from Far Laund in Belper are in self isolation, after one family member came into contact with the confirmed case of coronavirus in Buxton.    We have spoken with the family in question and have decided not to name them, as this is not necessary for readers to be informed and is not helpful to them.

The contact between the two people happened before the Buxton case knew that they were unwell, showing only signs of the common cold.

Once the person became aware of the status of the Buxton case, they phoned NHS helpline 111.  Paramedics attended their home to give them a precautionary check up.  Medical personnel will return to the house to carry out further tests, including S.O.B. (shortness of breath) tests, which check heart and lung function.  Coronavirus affects the respiratory system. There is a higher chance of the tests being negative than positive.

They have been very responsible and are now in self isolation, and have enough provisions for the 14 day quarantine.  The exposed person has not had contact with other people outside the family, meaning that if they have contracted coronavirus, they haven’t spread it.

The exposed person does feel unwell, with cold symptoms and some sickness.  The situation is being monitored.  If they become more ill they will be taken by ambulance to a specialist ward where they will be isolated from other patients.

To be entirely clear, this is NOT a confirmed case of coronavirus.  This is a responsible family taking all available precautions to protect themselves and others.  At present this is merely checking on exposure to a confirmed case in another location.

We will update you if the situation changes, and once their tests have been completed and returned.

The family wishes to say “thank you to the people of Belper for their kind words and love and support.  They even offered to get shopping for us, which was very touching.”

If you are concerned about your own exposure and health, please phone 111 for advice.  Our article on coronavirus can be found HERE

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2 thoughts on “Belper Family Being Tested After Coronavirus Exposure

  • Judy Richter

    THANKYOU for being sensible and here’s hoping all will be well soonest xx

  • Janet Lambert

    Take care of yourselves. Thinking of you all.

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