Thursday, September 28, 2023

Scam Alerts – February

Emails saying they are from HMRC are threatening members with arrest if they don’t pay their tax bills.

HMRC only informs you about tax refunds or debts through the post or through your pay via your employer.

All emails, text messages, or voicemail messages saying you have a tax refund are a scam.

The Government website says: Look out for a sender’s email address that is similar to, but not the same as, HMRC’s email addresses. Fraudsters often have email accounts with HMRC or revenue names in them (such as ‘’). These email addresses are used to mislead you. However be aware, fraudsters can falsify (spoof) the ‘from’ address to look like a legitimate HMRC address.

If you are not 100% sure that the message has come from HMRC, do not open it. If you do open the email and you are in doubt, do not click on any links or downloads.  please send it to and then delete it permanently.

Unsolicited letters are being circulated, targeting consumers with Solar PV systems.

Letters have been distributed from a company called EVO Energy Solutions offering “free MOT and services” on systems. The letter goes on to advise that solar panel warranty is due to expire, and are in breach of the Trading Standards-backed Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC).

If you receive unsolicited letters from companies offering services for your solar panels, we advise you to either ignore the letter completely or, if you are concerned, to contact your original installer or an MCS accredited installer that is also a member of a consumer body for advice.

It isn’t evident where EVO Energy Solutions have drawn the data from for their direct mail out. If you have concerns over the use of your data, we would advise that you notify the Information Commissioner’s Office. If you’d like to escalate a complaint, please report the incident to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06.

Relevant companies have been liaising closely with Trading Standards on this new case.
They have now been passed for investigation.

(Neighbourhood Watch)

One thought on “Scam Alerts – February

  • Tessa Clements

    There’s also many telephone scams doing the rounds. Lots for Amazon Prime, broadband or telephone providers. Basically the advice is that if someone contacts you out of the blue (even your own phone/broadband providers). Take five minutes and then ring them directly or go online. Do not click links. Sometimes scammers can keep your landline open once you have hung up. That’s why it’s best to wait a few minutes. It also gives you thinking time

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