Sunday, September 24, 2023

New Police Inspector For Amber Valley

A new Inspector has been appointed to take the lead on local policing in the Amber Valley area.

Inspector Paul Stevenson has taken over management of Amber Valley Local Policing Unit, picking up from Dave Parker, who is now covering a different part of Derbyshire.

Insp. Stevenson has been a police officer for more than 16 years, having first joined Derbyshire Constabulary in 2003.

For the majority of his career he has worked in the Amber Valley as a response officer and was the Safer Neighbourhood policing team Sergeant for the Ripley and Heanor areas.

He was promoted to Inspector in 2017, in a role overseeing the response teams covering North Division before moving to the Amber Valley before Christmas.

Insp. Stevenson said: “It is great to be back in the Amber Valley, as I know from experience that is a great place to work.

“We have many different communities across the Amber Valley and I’m really pleased to be given this fantastic opportunity to lead policing here, working to target crime and anti-social behaviour and help keep the area safe.”

He added: “The help of the community plays a big part in our success, and I hope to maintain the good links we have, and I would encourage people to report suspicious activity, crime and local issues to us so that we can work to target them”

You can find out more information about your local Safer Neighbourhood policing team on the website:

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