Saturday, December 2, 2023

Belper Games Will Not Run For Second Year

Belper Games, the annual sports day and music festival which raises money for Penny’s Fund and other local charities, is not running for the second year in a row.  2018 was the last time it ran.

This doesn’t mean that it will never return.  The event is organised by five people, on an entirely voluntary basis.

Nick Wheeler, the force behind Belper Games, explained,

“We are very very proud that we have been able to bring so many kind and generous people together over the past few years to enjoy a lovely weekend, and raise a tremendous amount for our chosen charities.

As you know, we decided to take a break last year because, quite frankly we were all pretty well burned out. The Games is and always has been organised and run by a basic committee of five people, with the invaluable help of family and friends all of whom give up a lot of their free time to make the Games the amazing success that it’s become.

In order however, to make the Games the successful and enjoyable event that it is, it is necessary that we are all able to dedicate the time and substantial funds that are required to make it the fun and fantastically supported event that we know you all love. Therefore it is truly with a heavy heart that we need to announce that due to a number of reasons including up and coming births, weddings, job changes and family relocations due this summer a number of key personnel are not able to give the time that is essential to organise our event.

Please believe me that we are truly sorry to make this announcement and we have taken into account the kind offers of help that we have had, the Games is something that we are all very proud of and very close to our hearts, the decision has been very difficult to make.

I thank you all so very much for your kindness and support and I hope that maybe next year we may be able to resurrect the Games. It was originally conceived to support my late wife Penny and remains a great comfort to me personally that we were able to create such a fantastic family event out of what was a very sad time for me and my family.

Thank you all for your kind support and we hope to see you all again soon.”

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