Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Meet Belper’s New Youth Council

Three months ago Belper got a new council.  A Youth Council (pictured above).  The members have all been elected from their schools or groups, to represent part of the youth community.  Most schools are represented, with a few empty seats still sought to be filled by their “constituency”.

Belper Youth Council via Chair, Lucy Farrow, introduces the new council thus,

“We, as Belper Youth Council, are a collective mix of young people from around the local area between the ages of 10-18.

Our aims are to improve Belper for the young people and to make Belper happier and safer.

Our values are:

  • eco
  • heritage
  • education
  • improvement
  • equality

Our ongoing projects are:

  • Belper climate awareness events 2020
  • transport links for a safe way to school
  • extra-curricula activities non-focused on sports to encourage other areas of talents and interests 
  • helping with the development of the new and upcoming skatepark


The new council, which has some real power, meets monthly.

One thought on “Meet Belper’s New Youth Council

  • Paul Terry

    They are an incredible group.

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