Monday, September 25, 2023

Spate of Car Break Ins

Between 17th and 21st November the police received multiple reports in the following areas of vans and cars being broken into overnight and items taken from within:

  • Windmill Lane, Belper
  • Far Laund, Belper
  • Sherbourne Drive, Belper
  • Castle View, Duffield
  • Toadmoor Lane, Ambergate
  • Derby Road, Ambergate

Police ask that car owners remain vigilant and call 101/999 if there is any more criminal activity, or if they witness suspicious behaviour around cars.

Where possible try not leave items in vehicles.

The police advise that items such as faraday bags and motion sensor dash cams can also be a great deterrent.

If you use the UK national property register. to register your property, the police can use this to identify the owners of any property recovered during police work.

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