Christmas Play From Captive Audience

Usually we’d put the title of the play in the headline, but this play is called, “The Butterfingers Angel, Mary and Joseph, Herod The Nut, and The Slaughter Of The Twelve Hits In a Pear Tree.”

The play, by William Gibson, is directed by Simon Tomlinson.  This is the very first production to be presented by the new adult group of Captive Audience, whose youth performers have enchanted impressed Belper for years.

What’s the play about?

“Mary and Joseph have a rocky start to their relationship.  They are not sold on following the traditional path of marriage and children.  They wrangle over the situation, and a helpful Angel assists in the situation to ensure that they make it to the inn in time for the birth.  With the addition of a talking tree, sheep and donkey,  a few kings, an evil Ruler, and some familiar Christmas carols, we celebrate the festive season with a lively portrayal of a Biblical event.”

Where: Strutts Community Centre
When: 12-14th December 2019
Time: 7:30pm

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