Liberal Democrats Pledge £5bn Flood Prevention & Adaptation Fund

Party Political – General Election Press Release (not fact checked)

Felix Dodds, candidate for Mid Derbyshire, promises Lib Dems will also pursue ‘an aggressive, effective programme to limit climate change before it’s too late’.

Dodds says green technologies can boost [or – jump-start] local jobs and businesses.

He calls for a Midlands ‘Green Economic and Research Engine’ and new sustainable tourism initiatives.

Even as catastrophic flooding struck the Midlands and localities throughout the North, the Tory government was turning their backs on communities most at risk by failing to provide adequate flood defences, the Liberal Democrats said today. The Tory agenda risks the UK losing access to vital EU funds for improving flood defences and flood relief that would starve local communities of a key revenue stream to tackle flooding and build resilience for the future.

Derbyshire received more rainfall in 24 hours than it normally receives in the entire month of November (114mm, according to The Environment Agency’s gauge in Glossop, compared to an average of 91mm for the month), and suffered its first fatality (at the River Derwent in Darley Dale).

By staying in the EU, the UK will retain access to vital EU funds to deal with flooding.

Over the lifetime of the next parliament, a Liberal Democrat government will create a £5bn flood prevention and adaptation fund. The fund will help the UK build resilience against future flooding, and ensure all communities can access the funds they need during periods of crisis.

Jo Swinson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said:

“These floods are devastating for local communities and highlight the need to invest our flood defences. The Liberal Democrats will create a £5bn flood prevention and adaptation fund over the next five years to support small community and council led schemes to reduce flooding and protect at-risk communities.

“Leaving the EU will mean that we lose access to the EU solidarity fund for flood relief and the EU structural investment funds that help maintain and strengthen flood defences and improve flood resilience.

“The Liberal Democrats are committed to investing in our flood defences and protecting communities from the devastation we have seen in the last week.”

Felix Dodds, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mid Derbyshire, said:

“The destruction in Derbyshire and loss of a life of an innocent woman is a tragedy that shakes me deeply. We must work to prevent it recurring.

The increased impacts of extreme weather events like heatwaves, droughts, bushfires and floods throughout the world are costing businesses and consumers billions of pounds in damages and disrupting thousands of lives. As climate change continues, these disasters are not going to lessen – they’re going to grow worse.

We can change the course of this catastrophe – but only if we aggressively and seriously start to act on it now, and only if we work together with other nations.

That is one more reason why Brexit is such a mistake. At the very moment we need to be working with the world, and helping the EU continue its leadership role, we are retreating into isolation.

A Liberal Democrat government or one influenced by us will pursue a constructive, aggressive, effective strategy to limit climate change before it’s too late.”

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