Increase in Metal Thefts

Police have issued a warning that there has been an increase in metal thefts.

The increase in activity is believed to be due to the currently high price of scrap metal.

They urge people to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around their neighbours’ properties.

Heritage buildings, places of worship, and memorials can also be targets for metal thieves, where metal that is currently in use is taken from the buildings.

The warning issued is only about theft, but if selling scrap metal, residents should check that the traders they use have a scrap metal dealer’s licence from the borough or district council, and a waste carrier’s licence issued by the Environment Agency. A legitimate scrap metal dealer will also only offer payment by cheque or bank transfer, and they should offer you a receipt or record of the collection.

If you see or hear suspicious activity, the police ask that you phone 999.



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