Clothes Swap @ Vegan Revelation

Vegan Revelation is now the host of the Clothes Swap event, run by Shena Lawrence, which used to take place at Creartii.

The next event is taking place on Thursday 7th November, from 6.30-8pm.

Swappers can swap 5 items for £5 or 10 items for £10.

You should bring your clothes on hangers where possible (you get them back).
You can only swap items which are in a good clean condition – no rips, tears, marks, missing buttons etc.

Any leftover unswapped clothes are brought back for the next swap or given to charity.

Vegan Revelation seasonal appetisers will be going round for you to sample the flavours of their Festive Menu.  They will also be serving hot, sweet and gingery Beetroot & Sorrel Natty Roots Natural Juice drinks “to keep our inner fires burning!”

Vegan Revelation’s Leise Taylor explained why she loves the Clothes–Swap,

“I love that the clothes-swap concept is another really fun way of making the most out of what we all already have and sharing it.

Shena Lawrence ‘s expression of this can only be described as a warm and fun experience, thanks to those that come and her unique eye for matching the item with the seeker… in her own classy way.

Shena has shown stuff to me that I would never have picked up, I’ve tried it on and been chuffed and surprised at how much it suits me, like only my mum, who knows me so well, can do. All this and the fact that she has gorgeous shoes and handbags too!”


The Facebook Event can be found HERE.

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