Friday, September 29, 2023

Call Out To Young Artists

For seven years Belper Arts Festival has shone a light on the many talented people wihin Belper and its surrounds. Although the festival has seen an influx of internationally renowned performers and artists during the past two years, it is still a community based festival at its heart. Nothing illustrates this better than the wonderful ‘Woollen Woods’ which has grown in both scope and content over the years. The event has been visited by people from all over the world, most notably the American family who broke their holiday in London to come to Belper to see and enjoy it.

A new management committee is in place for 2020 who have new ideas and a huge amount of enthusiasm. Most importantly, they want to hear from people in Belper what they would like to see included in events from 1 May to 13 June. Already scheduled are concerts, dance, a Derbyshire Day, theatre including a celebration of Florence Nightingale, a special ‘Forties’ weekend and the perennial ‘Woollen Woods’. Events will be held at Number 28 and Fleet Arts who have been solid supporters of the festival since its inception.

Now the Management Committee would like to hear from you, especially if you are aged 16 – 30 years. Would you like to see more comedy? Would you like more radical shows and events? Would you to see creative ‘digital’ entertainment? Would you like to see more events that could be called ‘fringe’ in another festival? IT may be something totally different to the above.

In fact the 2020 festival will be going beyond the arts. The expanded dates, caused by demand, give all sorts of groups and individuals the opportunity to be part of the programme. How about a carnival in early May? How about highlighting Derbyshire food or the ‘Derbyshire Day’? How about telling us what would excite you?

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