Progress on New Sails for Heage Windmill

The windmill at Heage presently stands with only four sails visible instead of the normal six and there has been a lot of speculation as to what is currently happening.

We have purchased a set of purpose made timbers required and the sails are being assembled at the mill by our volunteers.

We have been preparing for assembly the timber for the replacement pair of sails. There are, we find, some 84 separate pieces of wood involved in the construction of these new sails.

Firstly, each piece had any knots treated, then they have been coated with sealer, and we are now in the process of undercoating and glossing.  The surface areas to be thus treated are in fact quite large.

In parallel, all the iron fittings from the old sails have been removed and re-painted and the 40 shutters washed and cleaned prior to them, in due course, being transferred to the new sails.

There is still a lot to do but the volunteer team is pressing on well. All progress has been somewhat hampered by the less than favourable weather experienced in June. As we enter July the new sail bars (between each set of shutters) are being trial fitted, and once all are correctly located, they will be locked into position.

The cost of the work is being covered by money from the mill maintenance fund of Heage Windmill Society but of course donations will be most welcome as the cost is estimated at some £20,000 for materials only.

We are continuing to mill flour with four sails and our normal range flour is still on sale at the mill.


The windmill will be open during 2019 (11-00am to 4-00pm) every weekend from

April 6th until the end of October. Large, free, car park!

Guided Mill Tours Charges for 2019

Adults £4-00 Concessions, including Gold Cards £3-50, Children (5-16) £2-00 (parents can buy one and get one free for children in the same age group) Children under 5 are free.

Organised Adult parties of up to 10 people – £50-00. For each additional person £5-00 is payable).

School Parties and other children’s groups -Standard charge of £40.00 for up to 28 people (contact Lynn on 01773 715177)

See web site for more information

Alan Gifford

Alan Gifford is a Founder Trustee of Heage Windmill Society. Opening Times: 11-00am to 4-00pm, every weekend from April 6th until the end of October. Large, free, car park! Prices £2-£4. See web site for more information

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