White Peak Distillery Tempt Litter Pickers With Whisky

The White Peak Distillery, from Ambergate, have been running litter picks with the hashtag #WPDwhiskypick! The next one is on Wednesday 10th July, and departs from the Fisherman’s Rest pub, on Broadholme Lane, near the cemetary. 

Volunteers should meet at the Fisherman’s Rest at 7pm.

The litter collection will last for 90 mins, and volunteers will return to the pub for “some rehydration afterwards!”

The plan is to target the large grass verge that runs along the A6 and also the pavement between Ambergate and the pub.

The White Peak Distillery will provide Hi-Vis jackets, but volunteers need to bring their own gloves.

The White Peak Distillery are donating a community cask of whisky as an incentive to volunteer to clean up our community. If you do 4 or more litter collections you will become a co-owner of the cask!

 Ward Recycling are disposing of the litter collected.

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