Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Milford and Makeney Brief

By Ashley Franklin

This is a new occassional column for Nailed, focused on the news and community of Milford and Makeney.


As a result of recent informal contact with Clowes Estates, it has been made clear that they are in active discussions with Amber Valley Borough Council planners, and intend bringing Milford Mill (currently mixed industrial/commercial) forward for development, potentially in a different format to that which was originally put to the village and for which planning permission was originally obtained.

In view of this it would seem beneficial that we revive the Milford and Makeney Community Group, which has not been meeting for some years.  We are now seeking to fill some places on the group as it will be a useful vehicle for our discussions with Clowes Estates. We also have issues relating to the removal of the Strutt Arms bus shelter.  If you are interested, please respond by EMAIL|

Just-Ice for Milford

After just over a year in business, Jon and Jill Needle decided to close Re[Space] but have leased the space to Just-Ice, a Derby-based company founded just over a year ago by Gav and Sally Murray.

Just-Ice will open in Milford in September.

The name Just-Ice was chosen for a reason… Gav and Sally, who have been making homemade ice cream since 1999, decided to combine their business with their passion for social justice, in particular the plight of people caught up in slave-trafficking.

For those who suffer from the trauma of modern-day slavery the government currently offer 45 days of support, but after this they become reliant on charities. Just-Ice was founded to offer the next step, providing after-care for people from across the East Midlands.  To read more about Just-ice and their values, visit their website:

As well as selling their ice cream in their new Milford shop, they will run a cafe.  As Sally explains: ‘We will be serving breakfast/brunch and light lunches as well as desserts and artisan ice cream.  We are still finalising details but it looks like we will start with Tuesday to Saturday opening hours, so we’ll be closed Sunday and Mondays. This may of course change once we get a feel for things.’

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