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Milford Care Home Celebrates Double Anniversary of Residents

Milford House, part of the Milford Care Group, threw a very special party last week to celebrate over 100 years of marriage, as two couples, both of which live at the home, celebrated important anniversaries.

Local couple, George (83) and Tina Fairholm (79) celebrated 59 years together after getting married in St Barnabas Church in Derby in 1960 and Gordon (81) and Anne (87) Harris celebrated 58 years together having married in St Mary’s Church, Derby, in 1961.

“I knew from the moment I saw her that Tina would play an important part in my life.” said George.

“I was at work, sat in the canteen having my dinner, when I looked up and saw a pretty girl walking across the car park, of course I didn’t know we would get married, but at that precise moment I knew she was special.”

George and Tina both worked at Bemrose Printers in Derby and went on to live a very happy life together with two children, after meeting on that day. The couple now both live together at Milford House, Tina has been a resident since last September and George joined her just before Christmas.

“It takes some getting used to, moving to a home, but the staff are lovely and the important thing for us, is that even after 59 years, we are still together.” added George.

“We still try to look after each other. Even if it’s just sitting together, knowing the other one is there.”

“I think that’s why we’ve had so many happy years together. Caring is key and listening to each other.” said Tina, “When things go wrong for one, the other one helps, and that’s nice to have.”

To help commemorate these important anniversaries, the team at Milford House decided to throw an afternoon tea party for both couples, inviting their friends and families, and even Anne and Gordon’s bridesmaids!

“It’s lovely that the two couples live here at Milford House together.” said Shelia Barwick, manager at Milford House. “It’s clear from seeing them every day just how much they love each other, and we are really privileged to be able to help them continue to live together and support each other every day.”

Gordon and Anne, who have spent their life together around Belper and Duffield and have three children, also met at work at Macks Furnishing in Derby.

Jane, the couple’s niece and bridesmaid came to the party to help the couple celebrate.

“I remember it was very cold and windy on their wedding day, it even snowed!” said Jane.

“Gordon and Anne haven’t been at Milford House long, but they are starting to settle in and chat to the residents, and it’s lovely that they are throwing this party for them today.

“It wasn’t the same for Gordon at home, once Anne had moved to Milford House, and we are pleased they can still be together even after 58 years. Now they’re together again, they both look better for being here!”

“Even though they struggle now with the day to day, it’s clear they are still very fond of each other, and when we look back at old photographs of their time together, they smile and interact, it’s nice that they still remember all those special times together.”

As well as the party, staff at Milford House found out the brides’ favourite flowers, yellow roses for Tina and anemones for Anne, and organised for them to be delivered as a surprise.

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George and Tina Fairholme

Header Photo: Gordon and Anne Harris

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