World Tai Chi Day in Belper River Gardens

On Saturday 27th April 2019, it is World Tai Chi Day, and the U3A (University of the 3rd Age) Tai Chi group which meets at the Strutts Centre will be demonstrating Tai Chi in the River Gardens between 10 and 11am.  You are invited to come along and find out more about Tai Chi.

John Devine who teaches the group, hopes that this will lead to “discussion, demonstration and mini teaching sessions”.

This will be the first time that the group has performed a public demonstration.

The event happens on the last Saturday of April every year, with 80 nations and hundreds of cities participating around the world.  This will be the first time Belper has participated in the event.

The focus of the event is “personal and global health and healing” across the boundaries of race, ethnicity, religion and geopolitics.

The emphasis of Tai Chi (which looks like slow motion Kung Fu) is the reduction of stress. World Tai Chi Day states that “Tai Chi is designed to help people go through change with less damage by improving the way we handle stress. Studies show change is stressful, and even though change is often good, if the stress that change causes isn’t managed it can damage your health and outlook on life. Since about 90 percent of the discoveries made in the history of the human race have been made in our lifetime, we are all going through some serious change and stress.”

Tai Chi, and this event, are disability friendly, as Tai Chi is practiced by any age or condition of person, including those in wheelchairs.  It is intended to help everyone live more calmly, heathily and to feel better.

Clare Washbrook

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One thought on “World Tai Chi Day in Belper River Gardens

  • 3rd May 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Many Thanks to Clare for advertising this event in the River Gardens.

    International Tai Chi in the Park day.
    Joined by Sifu Jonathon with a couple of his students down at the Bandstand in Belper River Gardens. Our two groups practiced my Tai Chi Yang style and Jonathons Tai Chi WuDang style.
    Great fun and an eye opener for both our groups working together despite the differences.
    A pity it was so cold and wet on the morning, but we soldiered on in fine British tradition 🙂 A big Thank You to all who braved the elements to turn out for this occasion.
    I think we might try this again when better weather is expected !
    Tai Chi – just another strand in the rich tapestry that makes up life in Belper.


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