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Candidates for Amber Valley Borough Election

Below is a list of the Amber Valley Borough Council candidates for the local election on Thursday, May 2.

The authority is currently controlled by the Conservatives with 25 councillors and Labour posing the sole opposition with 20.

Amber Valley elects its councillors in thirds (1 third of the seats up for election each time) so only 15 seats are being contested this year out of the 45.

Eight wards will not be voting this year at all, these are: Codnor & Waingroves; Heanor & Loscoe; Heanor East, Heanor West; Ironville & Riddings; Langley Mill & Aldercar; Shipley Park, Horsley & Horsley Woodhouse; and Somercotes.

Of the 15 seats up for voting this year, 14 are currently held by the Conservatives and one by Labour.

There are a total of 64 candidates this year, with the Conservatives and Labour putting up a candidate in each ward.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats have put up candidates in all but one seat (Duffield) and the Green Party has nominated candidates in all but three wards (Belper East, Ripley & Marehay, South West Parishes).
UKIP is putting up candidates in six wards, followed by an independent and a member of English Democrats, Putting England First!

Three sitting councillors will not be fighting for re-election.


An asterisk (*) has been used to denote councillors standing for re-election.
A double asterisk (**) has been used to denote Valerie Joan Taylor (Conservative) who is standing for re-election but in a different ward.  She will be standing in Belper East instead of Heage & Ambergate.

Alfreton Ward:

*Gail Dolman – Labour
Phil Rose – UKIP
Ben Slade – Conservative
Leo Swarvett – Green Party
George William Turner – Liberal Democrat

Alport Ward:
Carol Ann Anthony – Labour
Will Macfarlane – Green Party
Ade Smith – Liberal Democrat
*David Harry Taylor – Conservative

Belper Central Ward:
Jeremy Richard Benson – Liberal Democrat
Steve Kennedy – Green Party
James Daniel Kerry – Conservative
Neil Ploughman – Labour

Belper East Ward:
John Morrisey – Liberal Democrat
Mark Benjamin Oldfield – Labour
**Valerie Joan Taylor – Conservative

Belper North Ward:
Mervyn John Jackson – UKIP
Sue Macfarlane – Green Party
Emma Louise Monkman – Labour
John Nelson – Conservative
Roger Paul Shelley – Liberal Democrat

Belper South Ward:
James Major John Brooks – Green Party
*Paul Alexander Hillier – Conservative
John Christopher Porter – Labour
Richard Alan Salmon – Liberal Democrat

Crich Ward:
Joel Martin Bryan – Labour
*Gareth Bryn Gee – Conservative
Kate Smith – Liberal Democrat
Julie Christine Wozniczka – Green Party

Duffield Ward:
Geoffrey Aldwinckle – UKIP
James Butler – Labour and Co-operative
*Steven Michael Evanson – Conservative
Dave Wells – Green Party

Heage & Ambergate Ward:
Sarah Louise Johnson – Green Party
Paul Edwin Lobley – Labour
Simon Philip Mallard – Liberal Democrat
Matt Murray – Conservative

Kilburn, Denby & Holbrook Ward:
*Kevin Buttery – Conservative
Phillip John Mackin – Liberal Democrat
Adrian William Nathan – UKIP
Joe Smith – Green Party
Keith Lisle Venables – Labour

Ripley Ward:
Tom Carter – Green Party
Steve Freeborn – Labour
*Paul Colin Moss – Conservative
Richard William Smeeton – Liberal Democrat
Mandy Sylvan – UKIP

Ripley & Marehay Ward:
*Ronald Philip Ashton – Conservative
Ian Fisher – Labour
Tim Ford – UKIP
Chris Oakley – Liberal Democrat
Michael Sharpe – English Democrats, Putting England First!

South West Parishes Ward:
David Farrelly – Labour
*Jane Orton – Conservative
Colin Thompson – Liberal Democrat

Swanwick Ward:
Steve Elliott – Green Party
*Steve Hayes – Conservative
George Soudah – Independent
Antony Thomas Tester – Labour
Malvin Leslie Trigg – Liberal Democrat

Wingfield Ward:
Mike Jones – Green Party
Jeremy Quentin Miles – Liberal Democrat
*Valerie Thorpe – Conservative
David Alan Williams – Labour

Note from Editor: All candidates for wards with a DE56 postcode need to get their election materials to us as soon as possible.  Failure to contact us with relevant materials will result in candidates not being represented in Nailed election coverage.

Eddie Bisknell (LDRS)

Eddie writes for Nailed through the Local Democracy Reporting Service, in partnership with the BBC. The Local Democracy Reporting Service is a partnership of media outlets sharing reporters to cover council meetings.

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  • Susan Varney

    What are ukip views on our green belt being violated

  • UKIP in this area do not produce any localised promises. They are only using national material, which says “Do you love our green and pleasant land? We do. Control immigration and reduce demand for housing. Build on brownfield sites.” This is not a local promise regarding our specific situation. Immigration has negligible (less than 1%) impact on local housing demands. If they had produced local promises we would have included them, but they specifically told us that they don’t think it has any effect.

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